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Purchase units (on the blockchain!)

Use Ethereum to buy units on the blockchain! Every unit is a unique, tradeable ERC-721 token. Purchase units from our Early bird Sale below and get a headstart on building your army. Units can be combined together to form more powerful units. They also will not be destroyed if they die in battle! They will just go back to your inventory to be repaired for a few hours.

One world with all the players

Enter a huge 3D world with thousands of players. Units will be moving in real-time to capture territory, mine resources and battle other units. Units from your inventory will start at the edge of the map. A unit must refuel for 3 hours after every move and has a max distance that it can travel at a time. Ground units will need to avoid water, trees, mountains and other ground units while aerial units will be able to fly over most obstacles.

Capture Territory & Win Ethereum

Every unit owns the land in a radius around them. The more territory a player owns, the more they are rewarded. A player will be rewarded daily with Ethereum based on the amount of land they owned throughout that day. Also, a satellite will drop from the sky once a day that contains a huge reward. If that satellite lands within a player's territory, they will receive a ton of Ethereum!

Rewards increase towards the center

Not all land is created equal! The world is divided into rings. As you travel towards the center, each ring contains more valuable land and the satellite also has an increased chance of landing there. You'll need to increase your units' star-rating to access the inner rings. Fusing 3 units of the same type will increase its star-rating. Also, older units will collect more land rewards.

Resources, alliances & craft

Resources are used to unlock amazing upgrades and eventually crafting. They will appear randomly on the map and you must use units to mine them. Defend your resources from others to get ahead. Joining a strong alliance will be key to coordinating attacks, defenses and bases.


Gensis unit sales continuing for a limited time. Once the economy has been fully relaunched, sales of these Genesis units will stop and no more will be created again!

Higher rarity units will have better battle stats and have a larger territory radius. You can also fuse three units to a higher star level to increase battle power.

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Gain a strategic advantage by using unmanned units to overwhelm enemy forces!

Unmanned units do not repair and are permanently lost when destroyed but are cheaper than genesis units!


Drone Squad

20 COMMON units or better


Drone Fleet

100 COMMON units or better


Drone Legion

400 COMMON units or better


Elite Drone Squad

200 RARE units or better


Elite Drone Legion

90 EPIC units or better
200 RARE units or better


AI-Networked Drones

50 LEGENDARY units
90 EPIC units or better
400 RARE units or better
3 units of the same type can be fused together to increase their star-rating!


Here's a look at the game-in-progress. You can get a closer look at the units, resources, and terrain. Our world will be able to handle tons of players and will grow accordingly. Check back soon as we'll be updating this section often!


Make 5% from all purchases from anyone who uses your link. The transfer of Ethereum is automatic and happens through the smart contract.


World Launch

Battle enemies across the world to claim territory, mine resources and earn Ethereum each day!

Alliances and Balancing

Join an alliance of players and fight together to become the dominant force on the map.

Updated Economy

The economy will be loaded with new features such as its own ERC-20 token and crafting!

Tournament Mode

A battle royale-style free for all with 100 ETH on the line!

New Units and Islands

A series of new islands for both new and experienced players as well as new seasons of units with special abilities!


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